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That one pixel

While testing an website at work on Opera, I've noticed that I got a hard time activating a tab. And by activating I mean I was clicking on the tab but it wasn't switch to it. I had to click a couple of times to switch to the god damn tab I wanted.

The fault of such behavior is due to one, one little pixel on Opera's tab bar. The tab doesn't occupy the full height of the upper bar, leaving one pixel not clickable. With the thing maximized I tend to point the cursor to the very top of my monitor and then click it.

Here it is:

Magnified 6x:

Didn't realized this because the web browser I use, Firefox, has this little pixel just as Opera, but with Firefox this pixel is clickable, it acts as part of the tab height. Chrome's tab occupy the full height. Internet Explorer (11), unlike the rivals, leave a big title bar here on my Windows 8.

The thing pissed me off so much before I realized what it was. I never hated a single pixel so much.